Payment Options

Pet care and treatment can be an expensive deal, especially if your furry friend needs some serious treatment. Oftentimes, you might not have the resources to give a downtime payment for the treatment. Don’t worry, at Gardenbrooke veterinary Hospital we accept all kinds of of payments- both cash and credit.

We offer cash and card payment for puppy vaccines, puppy neuters, kitten spays, rabbit spays and other treatments as well. We have a safe and secure online banking and money transfer system in place that keeps all your confidential information like bank details and things encrypted. This saves you from a lot of hassles and keeps your account safe from hackers, malware attacks and other online threats.

We even accept payment apps and debit cards as part of our payment scheme. Our clinic has partnered with some banks and financial institutions as well offering discounted pricing options. The medicines and pet supplies can also be paid for in cash and credit options. You can even opt for over the counter payment here at the clinic.

We even offer credit accounts to select clients who have been regularly visiting our clinics. These numerous payment options make monetary transactions more flexible and convenient for all parties involved.