Trusted Brampton Animal Wellness Exams

Pets age at a rapid pace, and it can greatly benefit their health if you remain aware of their many changing phases throughout life. At Gardenbrooke Veterinary Hospital, we are an experienced and compassionate team delivering thorough animal wellness exams for your cats and dogs. Prevention is key, and we strive to accurately detect issues and complications before we devise effective treatment plans.

We proudly serve the city of Brampton with reliable veterinary services for every pet who walks through our doors. Our trusted vet clinic utilizes in-house diagnostic tools and features an experienced team who have a love for all animals and a passion for protecting their health and well-being. We will provide a seasoned bedside manner to ensure your pets are safe, stress-free, and treated like family during all services. Contact us today and learn more about our wellness programs!


Our Comprehensive Wellness Programs

We are committed to leaving your pet with a clean bill of health or an efficient roadmap to properly treat them as soon as possible. We employ a comprehensive approach to pet wellness as our team will thoroughly check your pet from head to tail, running bloodwork and fecal examinations for added awareness of their health condition. Your Brampton animal wellness exam will include:

New Puppy & Kitten Exams

We firmly believe it pays to have a proactive approach to your animal's health rather than a reactive one. Once a condition or issue has fully developed, it becomes much harder to manage and considerably more expensive to treat. Sometimes, your kitten or puppy may seem perfectly fine on a surface level but have underlying conditions developing without notice.

Let our veterinary team start your kittens and puppies on the right foot for a lifetime full of health and well-being. Here are some of the services we provide during young pet wellness checks:

  • Deworming Treatment: Intestinal worms are parasites that can live in your puppy or kitten's body, feeding off its blood for nutrients. Worms can introduce harmful diseases to your pet that will negatively affect their quality of life. We can provide deworming treatment for your pets to ensure they are clean and enjoying life free from the constraints of parasitic infection.
  • Cat & Dog Vaccinations: We can offer vaccinations or boosters your pet may need during their wellness visit. Vaccines will protect your cats and dogs throughout the year from viruses and infections. Additionally, vaccinations are necessary in certain localities throughout North America and are needed before boarding your animal to protect the health of all other pets under their roof.

Pet Wellness Exams FAQ

If your pet is exhibiting worrisome symptoms or you just feel it's time for a routine checkup, our attentive veterinary team is ready to address your questions and concerns upon arrival. Some frequently asked questions regarding pet wellness visits include:

How often should my pet have a wellness exam?

We recommend that your young puppies and kittens receive a wellness exam on a monthly basis. Adult pets can receive one annually, and your senior pets should get one twice per year.

Puppies and kittens have a less mature immune system than their adult counterparts, making them more susceptible to infection and disease. We can administer foundational vaccinations essential for keeping them happy, healthy, and disease-free for the foreseeable future.

Our veterinarians will look for anything that seems abnormal, like an irregular heartbeat, dental problems, strange behavior, or any lumps on their body. We strive to stay aware of the many possible variables that could affect your pet's quality of life. Furthermore, our team can provide dietary counseling to ensure they're consuming the proper nutrition to keep them happy and healthy for years into the future. Feel free to bring up any of your concerns and questions to our friendly team.

Vaccinations have a limited potency lifespan, and once they lose effectiveness, your pet will be vulnerable once again. Periodic booster shots will ensure the immunity stays strong for the coming year.

Thorough Brampton Animal Wellness Exams

At Gardenbrooke Veterinary Hospital, we will treat your pet with tender care and compassion while ensuring they have a bright, healthy future ahead of them. We look forward to welcoming you and your furry loved one into our caring office and providing them with a thorough pet wellness visit and preventive counseling. We are devoted to helping your cats and dogs feel safe and treated like family without ever skimping on the effectiveness of the services to improve and maintain their quality of life.

We look forward to meeting your adorable pets and providing Brampton animal wellness exams designed to openly discuss their current and future health status in detail. Our goal is to chart a course for a lifetime of happiness and wagging tails, free from the constraints of infection and disease. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!